WEEE Management London

At London Waste, we are a licensed waste solutions company specialising in all kinds of waste disposal including the waste electrical and electronic waste (WEEE). We are licenced to transport,treat, recycle or dispose of WEEE waste. We recycle over 95% of the waste we collect and strive to divert all waste going to landfills.

We have been in the business of waste management for over 30 years. Our licence means we are always up to date with the regulation set in place for WEEE management. On top of that, we will supply you with free bins, free bin delivery and a choice to choose when to have your waste collected and where. We can collect daily, weekly, or monthly. Your choice. Call us on 01924 637 410.

What is WEEE?

WEEE stands for Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment. And according to the Environmental Agency, this type of waste is the fastest growing waste stream in the UK. As a result, the EU WEEE Directive 2012 was created to regulate the management of this waste stream owing to its fast growing nature. This directive was created to ensure that all the WEEE is recycled. It also forces the electrical equipment manufacturers to take control of the electrical waste their products may produce. 

The reason WEEE is so easily created is because of the ever growing technology and it’s demand. Every year there are new gadgets being created or new versions of the same gadgets and we all want to upgrade to the newest available gadget or software. This then results in the immense creation of WEEE waste. Another regulatory system when it comes to WEEE is called the RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances). This regulation ensures that manufacturers of electrical and electronic equipment manufacture these equipment with little to no hazardous substances. It is your duty as a business to ensure that your weee waste is collected and treated before it is disposed of. 

How Do You Dispose of WEEE?

In the past, businesses in the UK used to dispose of its waste in landfills. However, this method of disposal is not the best way to dispose of waste. Especially weee waste as it may contain traces of hazardous substances such as mercury and release of greenhouse gases due to the decomposing waste in landfills. These would have negative effects on the environment. It contributes to pollution such as land and drinking water systems pollution and climate change.

The best way of dealing with WEEE waste is through reusing and recycling. It’s easier to reuse wee products as 90% of them are still in a very good condition; they have just been discarded due to a newer product being available. So, giving them up to someone else who might need them is the best way to dispose of them. Recycling should be your last step.

WEEE Recycling London

Just as with any recycling process, weee recycling begins with collection. Wakefield Waste will collect your electrical and electronic waste from your premises and transport it to your recycling centres. 

At the recycling centres, the waste will be It is then taken to a reprocessing plant where they are shredded into small pieces, it will be reprocessed and shredded into smaller pieces. The shredding will make it easier to separate the ferrous metals such as steel from the non-metallic metals. This also makes it easier to separate plastic from metals. 

Types of WEEE Materials

WEEE waste includes a large number of devices such as laptops, microwaves and mobile devices that are discarded because they are at the end of their life or they no longer have use. These include:

  • Large domestic equipments – ovens, fridges, boilers, dishwashers
  • Small domestic appliances – Coffee machines, vacuum cleaner, hair dryers
  • Consumer appliances – cameras, radios, video recorders, DVD players,
  • Lighting equipment – LED lights, fluorescent tubes, Christmas lights
  • Medical devices – medical imaging equipment, dialysis equipment, pulmonary ventilators.
  • Monitoring and control equipment – alarm systems, smoke-detectors, sensors.
  • Electrical equipments –  drills, saws, chainsaws, liquid-spraying equipment, sewing machines
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