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At London Waste, we are one of the best waste services providers. We collect all types of paper waste throughout the UK.  Are you looking for commercial paper waste recycling? We can help with all of your paper waste recycling needs. Should you have paper waste solutions questions, contact us today on  020 3369 5901.

Office paper makes up 85% of the waste generated by the commercial businesses. Despite the huge strides made in recycling, still a large amount of waste paper waste still ends up laying about in our landscapes and landfills, unrecycled. At London Waste, we are committed to divert over 95% of all waste from landfills. 

What Does Paper Recycling Mean?

In simple terms, recycling is the process of changing used and discarded materials to create new useful and usable materials. Recycling of papers produces a fresh supply of the same material or other paper materials such as cardboard, newspapers, or whute paper such as office paper or envelopes. Though in some cases for other materials recycling is expensive or difficult,paper recycling is the easiest. And the good news is your business does not have to pre-sort the paper waste it creates. All paper materials can be kept together, we’ll collect them all together for recycling. However, do keep the cardboards separately. 

Like most waste, paper waste does not decompose and if not recycled, it will pile up in landfills and our landscapes and emit harmful gases such as methane and carbon dioxide. These gases are very bad for our ozone layer, as they destroy it, worsening the effects of global warming. 

How is Paper Recycled?

The paper recycling process involves collection, transportation, sorting, pulping and remaking the paper waste into new paper materials. 

First, we’ll collect the paper waste from your premises and then transport it to the paper waste recycling plant.

Then at the recycling plants, the waste will be separated according to its different types and grades. And then it will be mixed with other paper wastes in one big recycling bin where it will undergo the process of called pulping.  

The separated paper will then be washed with water to clean it up and remove any impurities including ink, plastic, adhesives, and staples. Then that’ll  be mixed with water to create a pulp. A pulp is a water and chemical mixture that is then poured into the paper waste to create a mushy mixture. 

These other paper materials are created when the pulp is spread into thin sheets over a conveyor belt and dried to make it easier to create these other paper materials. 

Why Should You Recycle Paper Waste 

About 26% of paper waste ends up in landfills and on top of that, paper waste can take up to 15 years to decompose. Though it may sound minor and inconspicuous, paper waste in landfills causes major environmental issues such as air pollution, soil contamination and water pollution. Furthermore, we are faced with deforestation due to the fact that  paper is made from trees. Did you know? About 42% of all global wood harvest is a result of creating papers or paper products. 

Below are a few reasons why you should recycle your paper waste:

  • Save money and time. Recycling paper makes having new paper products much cheaper and easier.
  • It helps curb deforestation. For every paper recycled, you save up to 24 trees!
  • Saves Energy. Recycling paper uses much less energy than creating the papers fresh from the trees.
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