Food Waste Recycling London

At London Waste, we understand how crucial it is to take care of the environment to make it habitable for many generations to come. We have highly trained staff at your disposal, ready to collect and dispose of your food waste in an eco-friendly way. Our services are in compliance with the legislature as well as our own zero waste environmental policy. 

We take care to dispose of all the waste we collect at licensed disposal sites and our recycling centres. We hold ourselves to the highest standards, and continuously train our staff in proper waste management methods.

Defining Food Waste London 

According to FUSIONS, food waste is any food, and inedible parts of food, removed from the food supply chain to be recovered or disposed of. FUSIONS also enlists liquid waste such as drinks, juices, teas to mention a few, and any waste that is ready for harvest is not harvested as food waste, making it’s food waste definition the wider and broader food waste definition.

Food waste takes up to 40 percent of all landfill space, making it the second most class of landfill waste after paper waste. Although food can decompose, when left in the open like in landfills or landscapes, it releases vast amounts of methane gas and carbon dioxide. It’s important to note that food waste is not always waste per se. Most of this is edible and still good for human consumption and does not need to be discarded.

Food Waste Management London

Food waste management consists of food reduction and food recycling. Food reduction involves the steps we take to reduce the amount of food waste produced in or by our businesses. As businesses, we always strive for efficiency in everything we do including how we manage our businesses. But, do we put too much thought in how we manage our food waste? Food waste management is another great method we can use to combat global warming and encourage a sustainable way of living. 

Food Reduction London

Though recycling is the most encouraged form of food waste management, the first place to start should be reduction. This simply means finding ways to produce as little food waste as we possibly can through various methods. At London waste, we have been doing this for years now. We can help you find ways to reduce your food waste. Call us at  020 3369 5901 today. Our team is available anytime to assist with anything you may need. We understand that no matter how careful we are with our food, food waste is inevitable.

Food Waste Recycling London

Food waste recycling is how we combat our food waste from ending up in landfills. Recycling also helps us convert the food waste into usable and useful materials. For example, the methane in food waste in recycling centres is collected to create energy and biofuel. It can also be used as a fertilizer to give us more food. 

We’ll collect the food waste from your premises at an agreed upon time and then transport it to one of our recycling centres. There, the food will be burned in high temperatures via anaerobic  

digestion. That anaerobic digestion is the process that aids with the collection of methane to create bio-energy.

Another way in which your company can recycle it’s food is through composting whereby the food will be composted to create biofertilizers. Or better yet, the food waste that is still edible can be donated to the needy or turned into animal feed. Throwing food waste away in landfills or otherwise should be avoided at all costs. At London Waste, we strive to divert as much waste as we can  from going into landfills.

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