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Bedfordshire, south east England, but administratively part of the east of England, is home to the town of Luton, a borough, and a unitary authority. With a population of 213,052 (mid-2019 estimate), it is one of the most populated towns in the United Kingdom without city status. In addition, it is the largest city in Bedfordshire. Luton, which gets its name from the River Lea, was founded as an outpost of the Saxons in the sixth century. In addition to its long history as a hatmaking center, Luton also housed a large Vauxhall Motors plant. Production of automobiles began in 1905, and the factory operated until 2002.

Despite the town’s continued reliance on light manufacturing, Luton is in the process of transitioning toward a service-based economy, mainly in retail and aviation. Luton also features a diverse park system, including district parks, neighborhood parks, municipal open space, and leisure gardens. Furthermore, a variety of parks are available in the town, including district parks, neighborhood parks, municipal open space, and leisure gardens. Its merchandise includes butchers, fishmongers, fruit and vegetables, hairdressers, tattoo parlors, ice cream vendors, flower stands, t-shirt printing, and the original sewing business for clothing modifications and repairs, as well as eating establishments. Luton’s shopping district is centered around The Mall Luton. Bury Park is another important shopping area in Luton, with shops catering to the city’s ethnic populations. Whether you require a regular waste collection in George Street or a one-time collection in Bury Park, we will be able to supply you with a cost-effective, customised waste management solution. Please give us a call today for a competitive quote on 020 3369 5901.

Commercial Waste Collection Luton

If you live in Luton or the East of England, our waste collection service team can collect your waste the same day. In the UK, we divert more than 95% of the waste we collect from landfills. Through our environmentally friendly fleets, we offset all our carbon emissions. By simply contacting our team of waste management professionals in Luton, businesses can ensure that their premises are waste-free, waste is collected and disposed of without hassle. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in Aviation Industries at London Luton Airport, Carnival businesses, high-tech businesses at Butterfield Green office park, or entertainment companies at Napier Park, we can handle it all. As a company, we handle an array of waste, including everyday materials like paper, food, and plastic, and hazardous materials like asbestos and clinical waste.

In Luton, GSG Waste Services is the leading provider of waste management services. We recognise the town’s significance as a population and business center in need of comprehensive and efficient waste management services in order to retain its attraction for locals as well as visitors who come to work or fly out of the airport. Commercial waste management is an important aspect of business and at GSG Waste Services’ business, we recognise that. With our commercial waste services in Luton, we can handle any type of material, including paper, plastic, metals, and general waste.

Commercial Waste Disposal Luton

Our company offers recycling services for waste, as well as methods for efficient waste collection and disposal. It’s for this reason we’re the first choice for every business in Luton, whether it’s one of the tattoo parlours or restaurants in Bury Park or a fruit and vegetable stall in the Mall. All aspects of commercial waste, including food waste, are handled by us, and we strive to recycle as much as possible so that Luton businesses can create sustainable practices, manage landfills responsibly, and protect the environment.

Waste Hierarchy principles emphasise preventive waste management at the top and effective waste disposal at the bottom. We provide guidance for your business regarding waste and waste management so that you are fully compliant. Taking into account your needs, our commercial waste collection team ensures the highest standard of waste handling. Unfortunately, our services are only available to commercial waste. Therefore, residents can take their waste to:

Progress Way



Eaton Green Road



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