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The suburban town of Edgware is primarily located within London Borough of Barnet, but also includes a small part of London Borough of Harrow. In spite of its suburban feel, Edgware is a typical example of the rural-urban intersection. Edgware was an ancient parish in Middlesex, located just east of ancient Watling Street. Edgware Road, which runs from central London to the town, carries its name today. Located on the northern end of the Northern line in London, Edgware is largely a residential and shopping area. It’s one of the capital’s 35 important metropolitan centres. Also included are an Edgware Community Hospital, a public library, a bus garage, a shopping centre named Broadwalk Centre, and two river streams. There were 76,506 people living in the town in 2011, which is split between the boroughs of Barnet and Harrow. Edgware Road runs parallel to the ancient Watling Street, a major medieval pilgrimage thoroughfare.

Several shops and cafes can be found in Edgware’s town center. Edgware is home to Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Iceland, and Lidl, as well as Asda and Morrisons in neighbouring Colindale, as well as many independent grocery businesses. Across from Edgware tube station, the Broadwalk Center has high street favorites such as Boots, Robert Dyas, The Works, and WH Smiths, while Brent Cross Shopping Center has over 100 shops and restaurants including Apple, John Lewis, Zara, and SpaceNK. Furthermore, there are a number of charity events and festivals that Edgware hosts throughout the year, including the latest Kids Festival and the multifaith Winter Festival. At GSG Waste Services, we are always on standby to provide this bustling town’s businesses with excellent waste management services. The M1, A1 and A41 allow quick access to the town from London, and beyond which makes our waste collection that much easier. Call GSG Waste Services on 020 3369 5901 for all your commercial waste management needs to get your business premises clear of clutter and waste.

Commercial Waste Collection Edgware

When it comes to your company’s reputation, you want to be sure you’re getting speedy, dependable service. We recognise this and project manage each site to ensure that your waste has the least amount of environmental and business effect feasible. And, if you have an emergency that requires quick response, our knowledgeable team will be available to help you at any time of day or night. We also understand that appropriate waste collection is vital to your business, and that adhering to local regulations is an important aspect of your business strategy. As part of our waste management services, we create a comprehensive waste management plan for you that complies with all applicable laws. We stay on top of the current legislation and make sure that all of the sites we administer are up to code.

You are legally responsible for ensuring that all of your company’s waste is properly managed, collected, and disposed of. Each business has different needs and practices when it comes to waste collection. The type of bins, the size, their storage and how often they are emptied all depend upon how the business operates. It is crucial for businesses to follow all the rules that pertain to waste management, including waste collection to avoid fines or even jail.

Commercial Waste Disposal Edgware

Most businesses transport their commercial waste to the appropriate waste treatment facility or to landfills. However, it depends on the type of waste how it is treated or disposed of. Recycling, reusing, incineration as a mode of energy generation, incineration for disposal, and burial in landfills are possible methods for disposing waste. With us, you deal with only one company for all of your waste streams. Our team can handle hazardous, non-hazardous, and recyclable waste. The disposal of waste must be done in a responsible and legal manner as not all waste can be recycled.

Regardless of the type of waste, we are able to process it effectively. As a licensed service company, we are responsible for the removal of all hazardous waste. We ensure complete compliance by keeping an audit trail. GSG Waste Services has a keen focus on small businesses and provides the best service at affordable costs. We understand your company’s demands and have a team dedicated to assisting you in growing and succeeding.

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